A Personal Request from Alexandra Barnes…

We know file sharing is a fact of life in the digital age, and we are well aware that some of George Barnes’ commercially-produced work is available online for free. However, when my father died at much too young an age–still in the process of creation–this collection of material was the only legacy he left to us. I am happy, as was my late mother Evelyn, to share this property with music lovers, collectors, fans, and with students who wish to follow in the footsteps of George Barnes’ unequivocal excellence, and I am offering the material in digital formats without any form of encryption.

My mother and I always trusted that every George Barnes fan will–out of love and respect for this master’s work (and the work we have done on his behalf)–protect the living legacy that celebrates his life and music.

As is true for any creative producer or artist, including many of you, we are wholly dependent on the revenue generated by the THE GEORGE BARNES LEGACY COLLECTION. As long as everyone abides by this system of trust, we can continue to offer valuable content at a reasonable price. So, please keep these treasures for your own use, and you will be helping to support the entire George Barnes legacy.

If you are a teacher, and wish to incorporate any of this material into your curriculum, please contact us.


The late Evelyn Barnes in Los Angeles, December 2012

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