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What did country artists Chet Atkins, Eddy Arnold, The Jodimars, The Dinning Sisters, The Sweet Violet Boys, Jimmy Dean, Homer & Jethro, Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly, Louise Massey & The Westerners, Patsy Montana & The Prairie Ramblers, Bob Atcher, and Janis Martin have in common?

They all loved working with legendary jazz guitarist George Barnes.

Although Barnes’ jazz styles of choice were swing and the blues, he was a multi-threat musician, thoroughly unlimited in his ability to compose, arrange, play and produce any genre of music while remaining utterly identifiable.

When he was hired as a staff musician and arranger for the NBC Orchestra in Chicago at the age of 17, his first assignment was National Barn Dance, playing with the country stars of the day. He’d always listened to music of every category, and was prepared to bring his talent to country music. Within a year, he was a featured artist on another national radio program, Plantation Party. Barnes was featured on the show every week and, through his regular appearances on national radio, Chet Atkins — and a host of other guitarists of all genres, including Roy Clark and Bucky Pizzarelli — became aware of, and inspired by, the young electric guitarist from Chicago.

In 1957, George recorded COUNTRY JAZZ, his jazzy version of country-folk classics (and a few originals) that has become one of his most influential recordings. Young guitarists — particularly country and rockabilly players who hadn’t yet been born when George died in 1977 — are as enthralled by that recording as rock guitarists are of anything from Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton.

GEORGE BARNES: COUNTRY JAZZMAN is a unique and collectible 8-panel, DVD-sized CD package, featuring choice airchecks from 18-year-old George on Plantation Party, and every track from COUNTRY JAZZ, straight from the Barnes Family archives. Order your copy of this historic CD now!

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